Tuscaloosa County School System has partnered with IRBH for the purpose of providing, medically necessary, behavioral health, therapy and crises intervention services via on-site, virtual, and/or telephone to selected students enrolled in the ELEVATE Program. The ELEVATE Program is located within Lloyd Wood Education Center, 2300 26th Avenue, Northport, AL 35476. Our therapist is  dedicated to providing mental health services to students identified by TCSS. Services provided by the therapist may include the following: intake assessments, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, family support, referrals for additional services, and consultation/education services. Crisis intervention services will be provided on an as-needed basis provided the therapist has consent of the parent/legal guardian. Intake assessments will be completed on each child referred for services to determine if the child meets criteria for services based on IRBH admission criteria. If the child is eligible he/she will be enrolled in services as an IRBH client. Consent of the parent/legal guardian is required. Parent/legal guardian must be present for the intake. 

ELEVATE Objectives

  • To facilitate learning and improved school attendance
  • To educate and promote good mental health
  • To prevent mental illness leading to disability and               hospitalization
  • To provide on-site therapy and crises intervention services. Additionally, virtual and telephone services may be needed, as required for safety of students and staff.

Referrals made through TCSS.