Welcome to our Indian Rivers Career Center.

Indian Rivers Behavioral Health specializes in three areas of mental health: Mental Illness, Developmentally Disabled and Substance Abuse. We are an organization that is involved in our community and are here to serve our clients.

We have a variety of employment opportunities ranging from Direct Care Staff, Social Workers, Case Managers, Clinicians, and LPN/RN/NP to help serve our three county (Bibb, Pickens, and Tuscaloosa) catchment area.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a position?

Click here to see all of our job openings

After seeing a job that interest you and you qualify (meet the minimum requirements), click Apply. 
You must first upload a copy of your resume due to the fact that a resume is required to register and create an applicant profile. 
NOTE: If you are already registered you can proceed to your candidate login. 
Create a profile and thoroughly answer all questions for Step 1.
Answer any position questions that may be required. Upload a cover letter, new resume or professional certifications. 
Your Career Center Home screen will show if you have successfully applied for the position.

Is a cover letter required?

No. A Cover Letter is not required. If you choose to include a cover letter with your resume, the content will be reviewed and used to determine whether you meet the qualifications

Can I apply for a position that has been removed from the Employment page?

No. Unfortunately, if the posting time has expired additional applications are unable to be accepted. You may continue to check back for future opportunities

Can I apply for more than one position?

Yes. There are no limits to the number of positions for which one can apply. It is suggested that you read the job description and minimum qualifications for each position before you apply.

Is there a particular resume format required?

There is no required format, but it is helpful to have your resume in a word or pdf format for our viewing purposes. Resumes are used to screen your qualifications against the qualifications of the posted job. It is important to make sure your resume is accurate and reflects your current employment and contact information.

How do I update my contact information?

To update your contact information you will need to log into your Career Center Home Page.

I am interested in applying for a position on your web site, and I have questions about the position, such as shift, work schedule, and pay range. May I speak with someone to learn more about the position?

Every posted position has the job requirements, salary range and job descriptions listed for review. Please review the information posted for each job listing.

I received a rejection letter minutes after submitting my application. May I speak to someone to understand why I am not qualified or how I could become better qualified?

If you have received a rejection letter, you did not meet the minimum qualification for the position you applied for based on the information you provided. Refer back to the job description and its minimum requirements to see what qualifications you must have in order to meet the qualifications for consideration

How long does a typical interview last?

Interviews typically last about 15-to-30 minutes. It is helpful to arrive at least 15 minutes early due to the paperwork you will be asked to fill-out before the interview.

What is appropriate attire to wear to an interview?

Professional attire is appropriate to wear for an interview.

What if I forget my username or password?

Can I submit a hard copy of my resume via U.S. mail or fax?

No. Resumes must be submitted online when applying for a position. This is the most efficient method of ensuring your resume is processed in a timely manner. When applying for a specific job, you will be asked to upload a copy of your resume.

What if I do not have an email?

An email address is required in order to apply for a position and submit a resume online. Some Internet Service Providers will allow you to create a free email account. You may obtain a free email address from one of the following providers:

  • Google Gmail
  • AOL Mail
  • MSN Hotmail
  • Yahoo! Mail

After I apply through Employment and submit my resume, what is the next step?

Your skills and qualifications will be reviewed by a member of our team. If further consideration is granted, you will be contacted via email or telephone. If you are not selected to move forward in the process, you will receive an email notifying you of your application status. How can I verify if my application has been received?

Do I have to fill out a separate application for each position of interest?

Yes, you must apply for each position you wish to apply. It is suggested that you make sure your resume and cover letter are kept up to date.

Can I change or edit my resume on the Employment site?

Yes. You can upload an updated resume to your Career Center Home page at any time.

  • Click here to open our career center portal
  • Click Login , under the picture
  • Under Upload Documents, click Browse
  • Select the file you wish to upload
  • Click upload
  • A list of uploaded documents will be listed below.

If I am a current employee with Indian Rivers Mental Health Center, do I still need to apply online?

Yes. Indian Rivers Mental Health Center employees must submit an online application and resume as well as create an applicant profile to be considered for a vacant position.

May I speak with the manager or human resources about the position?

If you are selected for an interview, a member of our staff will contact you. Messages concerning our current openings and application status will not be returned.

I have applied for several positions, and I keep getting the same “Not Selected” status. May I speak to someone to understand why I am not being selected?

Due to the volume of applications received, if you have received a “Not Selected” status, based on the information you provided, you were not selected for that specific position. Many factors which may include availability, work history and experience are taken in to consideration when determining the next steps with an applicant. Receiving a “Not Selected” status on one position will not automatically disqualify you for another position, as you are encouraged to apply for multiple positions for which you qualify based on your interest.

Should I bring any additional information with me to the interview?

It is recommended that you bring a copy of your resume in completing the application process. Information that is helpful includes previous work addresses, phone numbers and employment dates.

Indian Rivers Behavioral Health provides equal opportunity in employment to all employees and applicants for employment. No person will be discriminated against in employment because of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, disability, military status, veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic information, marital status, political affiliation or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal or state law.

Contact Information


Physical Address:

2209 9th ST
Tuscaloosa AL, 35401


Phone and Fax:

Phone: 205-391-3131
Fax: 205-391-3135


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 2190
Tuscaloosa AL, 35403


Email: [email protected]


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